Young JFNA Leaders Visit Kfar Silver

Earlier this month, the JFNA National Young Leadership Cabinet (NYLC) visited Israel as part of their annual international study mission.  NYLC trains and inspires future leaders of the Jewish community and through travel programs enhances their understanding of JFNA’s beneficiaries. Their itinerary included at Kfar Silver Youth Village where they learned about how students from challenging backgrounds are thriving due to the unique program offered at the village. Joining the group was Joe Loeffler from Kansas City, MO. Through NYLC’s Board Observership Program, Joe is serving as an ORT America Board Observer.

The 100 participants from across the U.S., were greeted by Amos Gofer, CEO of Kfar Silver and began their visit learning about ORT’s history and the role of World ORT Kadima Mada (WOKM), from Dr. Moshe Leiba, Chief Pedagogy Officer. Dr. Leiba also described WOKM projects in the periphery of Israel that help educate young students from under-resourced communities.

In addition to briefing the group on Kfar Silver’s educational program, Mr. Gofer shared that students with emotional challenges also receive psychological support. The village provides the environment that encourages students to reach their potential while developing a sense of achievement and self-esteem. Mr. Gofer personally led the tour of the village, with stops at the cow shed, goat shed, boarding school, main school buildings and greenhouses. They saw newborn calves and kids in the goat shed and tasted freshly picked tomatoes from the greenhouses, where students have the chance to watch crops grow form seeds they plant themselves.

“I believe the participants had a great chance to gain a feel for the village, the works that the students and “I believe the participants had a great chance to gain a feel for the village, the works that the students and staff do and the importance of the projects we work on,” said Mr. Gofer.

Accompanying the group for the day’s activities were Kfar Silver’s Young Ambassadors, members of a youth leadership program for grades 8-10 at the village. They shared their experiences in developing new knowledge, skills, and networking in the field of Israeli society, Jewish experience around the world and diplomacy. These students will ultimately become representatives  of the World ORT network and Kfar Silver.

“I returned energized to share what I learned with my community in Kansas City. I know we can make an impact and collaborate to help advance the life-changing investment in young people who are overcoming challenges and improving their situation thanks to the Kfar Silver programs,” said Joe about his experience.

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