World ORT Kadima Mada Makes Great Strides in Israel

From Education to Vocation: We Help People Help Themselves

ORT America supports World ORT Kadima Mada (Science Journey) in Israel, established in 2007 to enhance science and technology education, thereby strengthening the fabric of the society. The Kadima Mada educational network in 200 schools and within 35 centers in public hospitals focuses on STEM instruction (science, technology, engineering and math) and serves many disadvantaged individuals living in peripheral under-resourced areas of the country.

A Smart Young Woman Chooses a Career in the Natural Gas Industry

Anna, student at Beer Sheva Tech

Anna, a student at Beer Sheva Technological College, is finishing her studies to obtain a practical mechanical engineering diploma with a major in energy and a specialization in natural gas. “I got into the field by chance. I saw the potential of an evolving profession with a relatively short course of study, close to home.”

After serving in the Israel Defense Forces, Anna received full funding for her education and a stipend that helped her persevere, made possible by a new educational path developed by Kadima Mada. In collaboration with several Israeli government agencies, Kadima Mada created a natural gas engineer certification program, the first of its kind in the country, which appealed to Anna. The media was focused on the Tamar and Leviathan gas reservoirs at the time, and Anna decided this profession would be a smart choice. Graduating with an average of 93, Anna presented the design of a natural gas pressure reduction system as a final project. Currently working in the quality control section of an electronics factory, Anna plans to integrate into the natural gas field.

An Ambitious Teenager Puts Her Intelligence to Good Use


May, a 16-year-old studying robotics in the Kadima Mada YOUniversity center in Dimona, can count among her accomplishments the fact she is founder of the young Facebook community Youth Asking Questions, established less than a month ago, already logging over 1,000 friends.

This community is angled toward youth who want to immerse themselves in pressing issues of Israeli society, be involved in the political process, and construct a worldview based on a thorough understanding of today’s landscape.

The catalyst for setting up this community was an opinion voiced by Knesset Member Miri Regev, who claimed that nobody listens to youth and that their opinion does not count, which vexed May. “The fact that teenagers feel they cannot express their opinion bothered me,” she said. May was motivated to develop the Facebook community as a direct result of her experience exploring robotics, an educational track of Kadima Mada. “I wouldn’t be such an initiator if it weren’t for the experiences I had in the robotics course. With the help of our mentors – engineers from the Negev Nuclear Research Center – I learned how to lead.” She also had a significant part in the victory of her robotics team at the First Robotic Competition last March, when the group developed an application and convinced 37 other groups to use it – almost half the teams in Israel!