The ORT LEAD Seminar: Brightening the Horizons of Educators

“Sixty people is a big team for me!”

Jiulia Gengut, principal of the ORT school in Samara, Russia, manages forty teachers and twenty technical staff members. For her, the ORT LEAD seminar in London was indispensable. The seminar brings together teachers from different countries who share experiences, insight and solutions.

LEAD (Leadership in Education, Administration, and Development) obtained new support in 2017 from Dr. Louanne Smolin and David Eaton, two Chicago-based ORT supporters with a passion for education and optimizing the role of educators, who joined the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation as sponsors of the seminar.

Jiulia described the seminar. “It’s a significant resource; people from thirteen countries who have similar challenges in schools and a similar vision of the future met each other. We used it to find common visions to develop the ORT network.”

She discusses education in Russia. “Jewish parents want the best education for their children, especially in the modern world. For some people it means a lot of technologies. Jewish values are a common point for everyone – our future depends on our values.”

Jiulia is grateful for ORT. “Forming the best Jewish school – whether in Samara, Moscow or St Petersburg – couldn’t happen without ORT support. It’s not just financial support – it’s also learning support, pedagogical support, strategy support and mental support. This seminar is one of the forms of support.”

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