The ORT LEAD Seminar Attracts Educators from Around the World

Instructors meet in London for the leadership workshop

Educators from twelve countries just took part in a LEAD seminar at World ORT headquarters in London, part of the ORT international networking segment.  LEAD stands for leadership in education, administration and development, and the workshop provides pedagogical guidance and updates that enrich all who participate.  This seminar focused on acquiring techniques in coaching, change management, motivation and teamwork.

Anna Khodorovskaya, a manager of educational projects in the St. Petersburg ORT vocational training center, attended the seminar. She speaks about her work.  “In our center we educate adults, seniors and high school students. Right now we have a career-oriented project for teens, giving them useful skills that will be in demand when they become university students. The labor market in Russia is changing rapidly, and we provide the kind of education that will help our students get good jobs.”

Anna offers details about the course for teens.  “It’s a combination of Information technology (IT) training with three Cisco programs, and career orientation in terms of professions that will figure prominently in the future; and we discuss the types of organizations operating in St. Petersburg and the different universities, for students to be aware of the options for their future.”

Anna maintains that knowledge of information technology is very important, because in every field and profession, digital technologies are vital.  She also holds that skills in communications and public speaking are essential, as well as speaking fluent English, “and maybe even more languages – to be intercultural.”

Anna is grateful for her ORT connection. “ORT international collaboration is very good,” she shares. As a way to maximize resources, Anna suggests, “I think that ORT should make more international projects involving different countries, educational centers and schools in one project. This is the way of communication between young people all over the world!”  She enjoyed the LEAD workshop, relating, “I like this seminar because of the intercommunication, sharing and ways of getting experience.”