This Menorah Symbolizes Hope for Us

The traditional Menorah competition for boarding school students in Kfar Silver Youth Village, Israel, was held yesterday. The 9th-grade students created the winning Menorah. 

The winning entry, a Menorah with a clock, surrounded by the Star of David.

Regarding the winning entry, the students write, “The recent period has stirred in all of us a sense of unrest, sadness, and helplessness. There is hope that these difficult times will end soon in our hearts. Even we, the 9th-grade Naale students, who have only recently come to Israel, have not remained indifferent to what is happening here. We have hope that light will overcome darkness and all the captives will return home in peace”.

“We have hope that light will over come darkness.”

“The Menorah we created symbolizes hope for us. A large Star of David symbolizes unity, hands supporting it adorned with toys symbolizing a peaceful childhood for the children in our country (also for those currently held hostage in Gaza), such as the Hungarian cube by 9-year-old Ohad Munder (one of the released children) loves so much.”

“In the middle of the Menorah, there is a clock showing the time of the beginning of the war 6:29, so that we do not forget that every moment our captives are in prison is like an eternity, and we must do everything to bring them back.”

Kfar Silver Menorah competition 2023.

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