Matching Gifts Maximize Gifts

Many employers offer this tremendous charitable gift program!

We are grateful for donor support of our worldwide educational programs that give more than 100,000 disadvantaged individuals the keys to advancement. Our ORT America legacy includes a history of helping individuals go from education to vocation to become self-sufficient, and more than a century of educational achievements.

There is a lot of potential to maximize charitable donations for the benefit of others. Have you considered an employer-sponsored matching gift? You may not be aware of the fact that many companies offer this option, where your employer may make an equivalent donation to a cause you contribute to – in essence, doubling your gift. Imagine! For example, your $500 contribution could become $1,000 credited to you.

Criteria for matching gift contributions vary. Here are a few ways to find out whether your company provides matching gifts:

  • ŸMake an inquiry with the human resources department where you are employed;
  • ŸSimply google >COMPANY NAME matching gifts< and see whether a form is provided. If so, please complete it and send it to us (or complete it online and your company will send it to us):

Tracy Weiss
Director of Development
ORT America, National Headquarters
75 Maiden Lane, Floor 10, New York, NY 10038
Tel: 212.547.9142| Fax: 212.674.3057

If your company requires an Employer Identification Number (EIN), please use 13-5562424

If your company offers a matching gift, ORT America will receive it after you have made your contribution, so please keep your ORT contribution acknowledgement for your records.

Click here for a list of companies that have had matching gift programs which have supported education causes. If you don’t see the name of your company on this list, please inquire directly with your human resources department.