The Golden Circle

Donors who make a minimum annual contribution of $1,000 enter ORT America’s Golden Circle. Contributors may earmark their gifts to U.S. Operations, Israel, the CIS and Baltic States, Latin America, or where their generous gift is most needed. Contributors who make a minimum annual contribution of $5,000 are entitled to special plaque recognition. It is because of our many Golden Circle contributors that ORT America can continue to fulfill its annual commitments, ensuring that ORT’s 300,000 students and beneficiaries around the world receive a top-quality education.

A Golden Circle contributor may purchase a Golden Circle lapel pin or a ladies Golden Circle pin, bearing her name. Precious stones can be added to the ladies pin for subsequent Golden Circle and higher-level gifts.


Women’s Golden Circle pin:

New pin for first year (without stone) $90
$1,000-$1,799 Ruby $49
$1,800-$2,499 (Chai Golden Circle) Rose $50*
$2,500-$4,999 (Inner Circle) Peridot $50*
$5,000-$24,999 Small Diamond $99
$25,000+: Large Diamond $359
$100,000+ Emerald or Sapphire $289