About the 1880 Society

“The highest degree of charity—above which there is no higher—is he who strengthens the hand of his fellow Jew through helping him obtain work so that he may be independent and not be reliant upon others.”
— Maimonides

ORT America has always counted on the generosity and dedication of its supporters to be able to fulfill its commitments to its students and global programs. We recognize our donors and their contributions, through our many giving societies. For it’s individuals like them that enable ORT to carry out its work yesterday, today and in the years to come.


Benefits of the 1880 Society

  • A specially designed medal for members of the 1880 Society, commissioned by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation. This medal is designed in solid 22ct gold for $500,000 donors, solid silver for $250,000 donors, and bronze for $100,000 donors. This was created as a symbol of the precious gift you are giving our students, a future.
  • Annual invitations to participate in prestigious missions to ORT operations so you can see for yourself how you have improved the lives of students, teachers and their communities. We will be happy to welcome your friends on these missions as well.
  • Conference calls and briefings featuring renowned personalities.
  • An opportunity to enjoy social, professional and business benefits by joining with your peers in an international philanthropic network.
  • Recognition in the ORT America Times.