Southern California Region

Covering the area from San Diego to Santa Barbara, the Southern California region has thousands of committed supporters dedicated to the ORT mission of improving lives through education, many of whom have been ORT members for decades. In 1985, ORT members founded the Los Angeles ORT College, which has since grown to two campuses and educates hundreds of local students every year in study tracks such as accounting, medical office management, and digital media. The region is poised to expand outreach, cultivate new donors, establish a regional board and develop a NexGen segment of younger supporters.

“I lived thru concentration camps and suffered extreme brutality. An ORT school gave me independence – the way life used to be – and taught me valuable skills. ORT restored my dignity.”
Rita Kahane

“From 1880 in St Petersburg to today, ORT has grown to educating over 300,000 students in nearly 30 countries around the world.  After visiting our Kadima Mada programs in Israel, I feel amazed at what at we have accomplished and so proud to be an ORTist.”

Sylvia Vein

Bay Area Region

The Bay Area region is poised to expand its activities to attract new supporters and build a significant presence in northern California. 1,000 ORTists and four active chapters make up the Bay Area ORT community that includes a diverse range of young professionals interested in tech education and community involvement,  families who believe education is the key to success, and longtime ORT supporters for whom ORT is part of their identity.

The backbone of the ORT Bay Area region is made up of innovative ideas and a commitment to social responsibility and global improvement – and region events reflect that community spirit. Our supporters believe that the ORT mission of “educating for life” is the key to repairing the world.

As a global organization, within the Bay Area there are also ORTists from different parts of the world who have made the Bay Area their home, and all the Bay Area supporters believe in the relevance of the concept of “give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.

When I moved to Pennsylvania from California in the 1970s, I didn’t know anyone.  I happened to find a great women’s organization called Women’s American ORT. I joined and still have friends that I made. I went on to become president and go to several conventions.  I always knew that ORT was an amazing organization, but that was confirmed many times over, after I went on the 2016 ORT Mission to Israel.  After seeing five ORT schools and meeting children and teachers, I now understand how important our donations are to changing lives.

Arline Radine


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