National Chair’s Message

As National Chair of ORT Next Gen, I am honored to be part of an organization with such a significant history of enacting meaningful change across the world. Whether in 1880 in Russia or in 2015 in Brazil, Cuba, Ukraine or Israel, ORT has been meeting the world’s educational needs for over 130 years.

Since ORT Next Gen was established a few years ago, it has championed the ORT mission in communities around the country. In 2014 ORT Next Gen raised funds for the ORT program in Cuba, ensuring that more than 500 beneficiaries continue to have access to internet technology workshops and language lessons, among other activities.

Last year ORT Next Gen raised funds to provide scholarships for disadvantaged students to attend the ORT School of Science and Technology in Rio de Janeiro, ranked one of the best in the country, providing high quality general and specialized scientific education.

ORT Next Gen has one focus and objective: to help ensure ORT can continue empowering students around the world to attain their dreams through world class education.  Please join us in our quest by donating, attending events, joining a board or visiting an ORT school.

Jon Lanznar
National Chair, ORT Next Gen