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Michigan: Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate Sponsorships — Serving as a corporate sponsor of an ORT Michigan event is a great way to show your support for a worthy cause while promoting your business to the community. There are many sponsorship levels available, and we are also happy to customize a package that works best for you if a particular sponsorship is no longer available. Benefits may include:

  • Your company logo to appear on the invitation, sponsorship banner, event signage, and all other print materials
  • Company logo to appear in all social media, on the ORT Michigan website, advertising, and press releases
  • Complimentary tickets to each event
  • Opportunity to place promotional materials or company literature in gift bags distributed to event attendees
  • Company name/logo listed in post-event thank you
  • Exclusive invitation to sponsor receptions

Event Sponsors of one or more ORT Michigan events, who commit (pledge) to a minimum level of $5,000 will also be recognized as an “ORT Michigan Campaign Sponsor”.  In addition to the benefits and recognition that come along with the specific “Event Sponsorship” the sponsor chooses, that sponsor will also be recognized multiple times per year, including at other events for which that business is not a specific sponsor.  We will include the sponsor’s logo on all 4 Event Invitations (each invitation is mailed to 3,000+ homes/businesses per mailing); on signage at each event; in event programs; and in post-event thank you letters. YOU CAN SECURE THIS INCREASED VISIBILITY JUST BY COMMITTING (PLEDGING) EARLY.

ORT Michigan Campaign SuppORTers:

ORT Michigan’s Campaign SuppORTers with a pledge/gift of $2,500 or more will be recognized as an "ORT Michigan Campaign SuppORTers" and will receive exposure and benefits throughout the year.