The Evolution of GulfsidePalm ORT America

new_image250335The GulfsidePalm ORT Chapter has a long history with many devoted ORTists who have supported ORT for many years.  It is interesting how the time evolved.  A Gulfwind Chapter was formed  in 1981.  An Islandside Chapter was formed in 1982.  A Sarasota  Palm Chapter was formed in 1983.  Gulfwind and Islandside merged and became Gulfside in  2006.  Gulfside and Sarasota Palm merged and became GulfsidePalm in  2009.  Many of the original Gulfwind ladies are supporting ORT to  this day with the same enthusiasm and love of ORT.

The GulfsidePalm Chapter is a daytime ORT chapter which has men and women. In addition to  their two book groups and monthly general meetings, GulfsidePalm has a Musical Chairs Luncheon, Fashion Show Luncheon and Game Day each year.  Over 25 years ago, this chapter started  the ORT Gift Wrap in Sarasota which now involves both GulfsidePalm and SaraMana  chapters.