ORT Chicago’s top priority is the health and well-being of you and everyone in our global community.

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The Chicagoland Jewish community is one of the most vibrant, diverse and philanthropic in the country, located in an area that serves as a strong hub for innovation, technology and education. ORT Chicago, currently based in Northbrook, IL, operates as a regional office for ORT America, the leading fundraising organization for World ORT. Working in coordination with ORT America’s main office in New York, ORT Chicago helps collect contributions for ORT’s growing global network of schools and programs in 35 countries and impacts over 100,000 students annually.

ORT Chicago engages in a wide variety of development and community outreach activities, including two major annual events – ORT Chicago Leadership Lunch (October) and Lunch with a View (April). Smaller events, including parlor meetings, are also held during the year, many led by our active lay leadership. ORT Chicago outreach includes not only Illinois, but also Wisconsin and several other nearby states. We welcome and appreciate your involvement and support.


ORT Chicago Social Media

ORT Chicago maintains an active social media presence through its use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Please consider visiting, joining or following all of these online platforms to stay up-to-date about ORT America and its mission, as well as local Chicago events and activities.





This year, your event gift directly supports World ORT’s Digital Skills Academy (DSA). Taught by world-class experts, the DSA provides students with an advanced education in digital photography, video and audio production. DSA also focuses on enriching students’ Jewish identity and practice by including a Shabbat program and a community project.

Generous donors like you enable ORT to cover all expenses, making this a truly inclusive opportunity for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, to access the resources they need to advance their educational and professional aspirations.