As a key segment for ORT America, the Atlanta region is made up of a diverse group of young Jewish professionals, business people and retirees in the southeast who stand behind the ORT mission of helping to fund ORT schools and programs where underprivileged students get crucial education and training.

Founded in 1970 by Rabbi Harry H. Epstein, ORT Atlanta grew from one local chapter to an entire region.  Over the years, ORT Atlanta has distinguished itself by working with Atlanta Jewish day schools to provide computer education guidance; the region created an international ORT student exchange program between the Davis Academy (a reform day school), ORT Argentina & World ORT Kadima Mada in Israel; it started the Honey From The Heart fundraiser for Rosh Hashanah going 30 years strong, in which tens of thousands of jars of honey are sent within the U.S. and abroad as High Holiday gifts; it organized an on-line auction, ORTBuy, that in its 5th year has raised more than $50,000; and it adopted Hodayot youth village in Israel, raising funds for capital upgrades and renovations of the village school, which changed the lives of students and teachers.


About ORT Atlanta

ORT America regional operations and chapters throughout the U.S. are driving forces for raising funds and awareness of ORT accomplishments worldwide. Whether organized by geographic area, gender, industry or specific interests, chapters advance the ORT mission and provide opportunities for like-minded individuals to support quality education and the local Jewish community.

The Atlanta region is comprised of many local chapters and over 1,500 members who raise over $400,000 annually to benefit ORT programs across the globe. A large percentage of contributions from Atlanta funds the programs of World ORT Kadima Mada (Science Journey) in Israel, which provides outstanding STEM education, infrastructure and training to disadvantaged citizens in peripheral areas of the country. Kadima Mada provides relevant instruction for students to obtain knowledge and skills for careers in an increasingly higher-tech society and strengthens the fabric of Israel. The Atlanta region also supports the other priority funding projects of ORT America, including educational programs in the former Soviet Union, international educational networking programs and other activities.

The Atlanta region creates social connections in the local Jewish community through its frequent programs and events. Many of our members have been ORT supporters for over two decades, and we also sponsor a Next Generation group, comprised of younger individuals (ages 25-45) who support our work and may be interested in future leadership positions.


These are just some of the ways you can become involved. We welcome your support:

  • Come to our events. We host a wide variety of fun and educational activities for all ages.
  • If you’re 25 to 45, join Next Gen for happy hours and programs to meet people and discuss new ideas and future events.
  • Consider serving on the Atlanta board. Please inquire with us.
  • Volunteer to work on our wonderful Honey From The Heart project.
  • Participate in ORTBuy, our on-line auction featuring great items for dining, entertainment, health, and travel.


Click video to see how ORT is changing education for life.