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3495 Piedmont Rd NE
Building 12, Suite 418
Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: (404) 327-5266

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Please check back in here later for the information on ORT’s 100 years anniversary celebration.

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ORT America gives access to high-quality education which provides students with the skills needed for today’s job market and prepares them to become leaders in their communities. Proceeds from your honey purchase support more than 900 students at the Kfar Silver Youth Village in Israel. This World ORT Kadima Mada (WOKM) school educates some of Israel’s most vulnerable children near the border with Gaza. Funds also enable WOKM YOUniversity Centers of Excellence to offer after-school courses in Israel’s kibbutzim and local community centers in Israel’s periphery. In addition, your donations help K-12 students on the autism spectrum advance their education at ORT programs in Moscow.