Celebrating ORT America at 100 and honoring Dr. Conrad Giles

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Master of Ceremonies

Ophira Eisenberg
Radio and Television Personality

Museum of Jewish Heritage | 36 Battery Place | New York City

ORT America 100 Logo

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In this historic year, we celebrate ORT America and honor one of our leaders, Dr. Conrad Giles, World ORT President. His commitment and dedication to strengthening Jewish life, both here and around the world, serves as a shining example of our mission.

100th Anniversary Gala Sponsors

We are grateful for the generosity of our sponsors in supporting
this milestone occasion and honoring Dr. Conrad Giles.

Presenting Sponsors
Doreen Hermelin
Gail & Howard Lanznar
The Panovka Family

Golden Benefactors
Jean De Gunzburg
Malke & Gary Torgow

The Children & Grandchildren of Drs. Lynda & Conrad Giles
Nancy & Jim Grosfeld
Suellen & Larry Kadis
Irene & Edward Kaplan
Kirkland & Ellis
Linda & Howard Kirschbaum
Keith Linch
ORT Chicago Region Presidents
Jane & Larry Sherman
Louanne Smolin & David Eaton
Shelly & Joel Tauber
Andi & Larry Wolfe

The Blumenstein Family
Eva Lynn & Leo Gans
Debra & Larry Kanter
Judy & Peter Menikoff
Marilyn Thypin

Shelley Fagel
Esther Fortunoff
Robert Grey
Suze & Dr. Marc Goldman
Eleanor & Lawrence Jackier
Pam & Joe Kanfer
Linda Z. Klein & Family
Kristen & Simon Levy
The Perlmuter & Sill Families
Cindy & Melvin Schwartz
Jane & Mark Wilf

Suzanne & Saul Berkowitz
Reese Feldman
Erica & Ralph Gerson
Dida Berku & Jacob Kincler
Judy & Stephan Levin
Tropham Foundation

Honorary Dinner Chair

Dr. Lynda Giles

Chairs and Host Committee

Nancy & Jim Grosfeld Doreen Hermelin Gail & Howard Lanznar

Jane & Larry Sherman Shelley & Joel Tauber Malke & Gary Torgow Andi & Larry Wolfe

Host Committee

Richard N. Bernstein
Eric D. Fingerhut
Lois Hollander & Steve Schlosser
Jan Kushner
Shari & Michael Perlmuter
Austin Center
Eva Lynn Gans
Nancy & Joe Jacobson
Suzanne & William Ledwidge
Stefanie & Jared Schenk
William Daroff
Barbra & Kevin Giles
Alan Jaffe
Joan Levin
Brenda Schwartz
Jamie & Michael DeWitt
Christine & Keith Giles
Suellen & Larry Kadis
Josef Loeffler
Cindy & Melvin Schwartz
Shelley Fagel
Lauren & Brian Giles
Pam & Joe Kanfer
Judy & Peter Menikoff
Eileen Sill
Reese Feldman
Suze & Dr. Marc Goldman
Linda & Howard Kirschbaum
Robin Panovka
Helene & John VerStandig

Join us as we recognize 100 years of ORT activities in the United States and the achievements of so many dedicated volunteers and supporters who made it possible. Since 1922, the impact of this work has made a world of difference to young students and their families, resulting in new opportunities for safe and secure lives, and the building of stronger Jewish communities.


Kosher dietary laws observed.