ORT Ukraine Students Return to School

Schools are restocking shelters with necessities including blankets, warm clothing, water, food, medicine, and even mattresses for longer stays. New students are receiving backpacks at the beginning of the school year with emergency supplies and returning students will get new supplies. Security measures, including guards, controlled access to buildings, and surveillance for six schools will ensure the safety of students and staff. Preparation for blackouts and colder winter months is already underway with the purchase of generators, emergency power supplies, and charging equipment.

As a new school year begins, Mila Finkelshtein, Chief Executive ORT Ukraine, posted a video recently on the current situation in Ukraine and the challenges they are still facing. 

The ORT school in Odesa will resume in-person learning, however, the ORT School in Zaporizhzhia has not been able to open since the start of the war due to proximity to the fighting. Both communities are actively seeking safe spaces and shelters and the shelters must be refurbished, and stocked with classroom furniture, air filters, mattresses, and supplies.

Students receiving backpacks and supplies for the new school year.

Continuation of Jewish Education 

Compensation for Jewish Studies teachers to help students strengthen their Jewish identity and values and ensure Jewish experiences continue to be an important part of an ORT education. Israeli teachers who used to fill this role have left Ukraine due to the war. Efforts are underway to keep this vital part of our ORT education available to students.

Emergency Preparedness

Reserve funds are needed to act quickly in the event of catastrophic events. The threat caused by possible damage to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and the proximity to the front lines could require evacuation. Other emergency responses may include water purification tablets, medicine for radiation exposure, gas masks, and chemical protection.

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Mila Finkelshtein, ORT Ukraine

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