ORT Students Expand Their Creativity with Animation

Jewish stories depicted in a project at an ORT school in Ukraine

Greta Freilikhman, an information technology teacher at ORT Specialized School #41 in Chernivtsi, is proud of the ways her students can maximize their knowledge and skills through various pursuits that emphasize the creative and artistic process. She describes the way ORT supports these endeavors.  “Our school became part of the ORT network in 2011, and for the past three years, my students have taken part in different projects like a poster contest on ecology, the Chibur compendium – a history of a people through personal family and community records – ORT iJET Challenge 2014, a graphic design contest, and recently, a computer animation project about revived Jewish stories, fairytales and sayings,” Greta relates.  She explains, “Animation excites students.  Choosing a topic, finding a literary source, conceiving the idea and making characters and decorations turns into targeted action, interesting concepts, skilled hands and the desire to create.”

For the 2016 animation contest, Greta’s students used the premise of The Giving Tree, which they had studied in their Hebrew class, and made a cartoon of the story, taking third place.  They then enthusiastically drew upon their experience and produced a cartoon for the 2017 contest called A Little Cow, modelled after a Jewish saying, and took first place! The students made two additional cartoons, relishing the course of development of each story, and applying new technologies to create special effects. “There are so many themes, technologies and programs to master in creating cartoons, and many children who can join this exciting “living” art,” Greta says, appreciative of the resources at her disposal to enlighten her students and the wonderful outcome of their work.