ORT is Global

Seeking solutions that transcend borders.

ORT is Global

People naturally care first for their family, community and country. But ORT has always encouraged its students to feel that they are part of a larger family as well, bringing a broader perspective to issues of global impact.

We understand that problems — and solutions — do not necessarily begin or end right at a nation’s borders. And along with a rigorous education featuring the latest science and technology, ORT schools inspire students to apply their skills on a global scale, increasing understanding of moral and ethical issues facing society. Often from under-resourced communities themselves, they‘re learning how they can make life better for others, through individual acts that add up to widespread impact.

Young people examine war and peace, poverty and prosperity, and environmental survival to grasp world events. When they combine these interests with real world technical skills they are in prime position to tackle real world problems. This is ORT’s mission in action.

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ORT's Global Impact