ORT in the Former Soviet Union Surpasses Other Educational Formats

Syuzanna Khachatryan has a dual role as an informatics and technology teacher and manager for regional development at the Kiev ORT school NVK # 141 and she highlights the advantages of an ORT education. “ORT helps provide new educational programs and courses and involves the best teachers in the region,” she says, explaining that in traditional Jewish schools, “each student gets care and knowledge; but in ORT schools, we provide additional modern thinking and input.” Many students from Kiev and Dnepro schools come to ORT school # 141 for a high-quality general education, instruction in information technology, and for their families to participate in clubs and workshops.  According to Syuzanna, students excel in the ORT school as a result of comprehensive instruction of general subjects, extra-curricular tutoring and participation in different municipal, regional and international competitions. “When I see my students becoming inspired for further study and growth, I’m so proud of their progress. Thanks to World ORT for being involved in the educational process.”

Teens Thrive in an ORT Youth Village in Israel

Born and raised in the Russian city Izhevsk, Sofya was only 13 when she immigrated to Israel, leaving behind her parents, twin brothers, and a hard time in school.  She came to Kfar-Silver youth village – part of the World ORT Kadima Mada educational network – learned Hebrew, and now, three years later, she enjoys her studies and is quite at home.  Sofya reflects on the differences between her poor experience in Russia and the teachers in Kfar Silver, who motivated her to improve her study habits. “In Kfar Silver, teachers care about the students and encourage us to express our opinions during class and point out what we don’t understand. They explain again patiently, making sure the material is understood, which helps us feel good and confident.” Sofya studies the advanced level of English, mathematics, Russian and biology, and she likes physics – and baking! “I’d like to study management at university and take pastry courses; and at some stage, I’d like to work at a bakery and maybe open a bakery of my own.”

Motivating students to excel and pursue their dreams are hallmarks of an ORT education. Please make a generous gift today so more students can achieve their goals.