ORT America at 100 National “ORT Day” Sweeps Across Country with a Multitude of Events

Womens American Ort

It would seem impossible, on the basis of the magnificent performance in recent years, to imagine that ORT Day would grow to new, spectacular heights. Yet, ORT Day 1959, in early March surpassed all previous records in public attention, newspaper coverage, and organizational activities. Under the chairmanship of Mrs. Irving Roth, this annual event mobilized 50,000 members and 354 chapters of Women’s American ORT.

The primary aim of ORT Day is membership expansion. While the final tally is not yet in, this year’s events are expected to have brought in 3-4,000 new recruits. But thanks to its size, and the considerable role it holds in American Jewish life, Women’s American ORT has turned ORT Day into what is in effect a great community-wide rally of education and public notice on the name, idea and work of ORT.

It has become traditional in hundreds of communities from New England to Texas and California, for governmental officials to issue ORT Day proclamations. Streets and avenues were renamed for ORT. Exhibits were displayed in libraries and department store windows and car caravans wound their way through scores of towns and cities.