Karen Muzinek



Karen Muzinek

Who am I?

I’m Karen Muzinek.
I was born on June 14th 1969.

I am green, I am nature, I am a teacher and a student …
I have a beautiful family that motivates me every day.
I studied from kindergarten to high school at CIM ORT.
I went to the Israelite Scouts for 15 years, since I was little I have been amazed by nature and I need to be close to it.

I did my bachelor’s degree in Human Communication at the University of the Americas and am pursuing a master’s degree in Educational Innovation at the ORT University of Mexico.

I’m an ecologist and nature lover …
I have been teaching at CIM-ORT for 20 years.

I won the “Saltiel Award for Educational” Innovation with a manual for teaching science classes in preschool.

I have been working in the “green committee” of the school for more than 15 years, raising environmental awareness in students and promoting environmental habits from K1 to high school.

For two years I have been on the Keren Kayemet education committee, also supporting the promotion of environmental values through different activities for the entire Jewish school network.

CIM ORT has always been a school at the forefront in environmental aspects, we have given training to other schools on this subject and a few years ago we obtained the certification of “Green School” by the government.

Today we have a network of families that support us with their recycling. Now more and more and more families and students support us.

I had the privilege of accompanying the students to Panama in 2019 and it has been one of my best experiences.