Join Us as We Celebrate International ORT Day April 25

For the first time, the ORT network will unite for an international celebration honoring its past, celebrating its future and bringing together ORT students and teachers around the world. The main goal of the day is to build awareness of ORT history and its role in the world today. Students will uncover their local ORT history and the global ORT story, and will have the chance to discover new advanced subjects of interest.

Participating schools have activities to choose from, which include a lesson in the history of ORT, an international ORT Day project competition, a global quiz, an ORT assembly, and global masterclasses.

The Future Is in Our Hands:  ORT Day Online

One of ORT’s greatest strengths is its wide and varied network, which we’re celebrati ng through an online campaign. The best way to benefit from a network is to feel part of it, and on International ORT Day, our schools and students are connecting with each other as one international ORT family. See photos displayed on our International ORT Day social media wall and in ORT schools here.  Check our Facebook page, where we will broadcast live throughout the day.  And see more on the World ORT Instagram page at @ortlife.