ORT Instills Jewish Values

Pride in our past offers guidance for the present.

Children experiencing Jewish Values

ORT provides students the tools they’ll need to thrive in the years ahead, while also looking back at 4,000 years of Jewish history, which will inspire, nurture and sustain these traditions for future generations. Through hands-on experiences, even the youngest students gain an understanding of their deep Jewish roots.

While certainly not one-size-fits-all, ORT is often the primary source of Jewish life and culture, through its delivery of a sophisticated framework to enjoy the rituals and learn the stories behind Passover, Chanukah and the High Holidays — as well as many other meaningful observances. Beyond the school day, ORT encourages families to embrace the traditions of the Sabbath and holidays at home.

The critical-thinking skills emphasized throughout an ORT curriculum also apply to Jewish values and ideals and their meaning today. ORT’s worldwide network is well-positioned to help students examine the history of the Jewish people as it continues to unfold.

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ORT's Jewish Impact