Israel Inspires Next Gen Mission Participants to Promote ORT

Next Gen mission photoA meaningful eye-opening week in Israel was the reality for sixteen young adults selected to participate in the ORT Next Gen mission that just wrapped up.  Coming from across the U.S., the participants were nominated by local ORT leadership because of their interest in ORT and willingness to engage others in support of the ORT mission, and the mission was an investment in the future of the organization.

The group visited an array of World ORT Kadima Mada (Science Journey) facilities and learned how Kadima Mada enhances education for thousands in Israel’s peripheral regions, giving youth and young adults the tools for future career fulfillment.

The attendees have been energized to spread the word about the life-enriching ORT programs they saw in Israel and enthuse others to support ORT projects in the Jewish State and around the world.   Our Next Gen travelers will continue to expand their involvement and reach out to their peers to help develop young leadership as a driving force for ORT.  Kol Hakavod!


In Russia, An ORT Teacher Thrives and Her Students Benefit

A recipient of the World ORT Excellence Award, Nadezhda Belova is a teacher of history and social studies at the ORT de Gunzburg School in St. Petersburg who was recognized for her use of information and communication technology (ICT) in the educational process. She explains her work and connection to ORT.  “The modern information society presents its requirements in terms of using ICT in the educational process. I constantly use modern technologies and interactive forms of training.  Thanks to ORT, I can meet the demands of the times. I consider ORT an opportunity for permanent professional development and self-improvement. My development as a teacher is, above all, a contribution to the development of the children, and I am very grateful to ORT.”


A Student Who Excels in Art Learns to Persevere at ORT

Maria Eliza Vereina is a 6th grader at the Moscow Center of Education # 1311 Tekhiya ORT School who loves art. At the recent 2016 Art Assembly competition held by the Russian Academy of Arts, Maria Eliza took third place in the drawing competition in the teenagers’ category with her work entitled A Townswoman’s Portrait of the XVI Century East. She speaks about her experience in the ORT school.  “Before sending me to this school, my parents visited many schools. Here we felt the “home-like” atmosphere and found intelligent teachers, good security, a beautiful setting, and new technology.”  Maria Eliza discusses her passion for art.   “From early childhood I was fond of art.  In 2015, I took part in the “New Look” competition and was a finalist with my work called Nature is the Teacher; Let Goodness Be in Your Heart.”  And the jury at Art Assembly chose my pastel work, Turn the Pages of History, as one of the best! Last year, with the assistance of the ORT technology center, my personal art exhibition was organized at our school.”

Meet people like Nadezhda Belova and Maria Eliza Vereina as you explore the best of Jewish Russia with ORT in September.  For more details about our mission and to reserve your place, please see this page.