Help us to provide urgent educational and psychological support for students, teachers and their families across Israel.

The horrific terrorist attacks on Israel on October 7 caused the tragic death, injury and traumatization of thousands of Israelis, not least the country’s children.

Our priority now is to protect our students in Israel from the impact of this conflict, which will have significant lasting effects.

As an educational organization, we strive to provide our students with the strength and support to learn and grow. Now we must also help them process the trauma they are experiencing and build resistance to the horrors of terrorism and war.

Your support will enable us to provide the following services to meet the immediate needs of students and their families, support our staff and strengthen security measures now and for the future:

  • Mental Health Support: Providing war-affected students and staff with one-on-one and group counseling and mental health services
  • Community Engagement: Offering stress relief educational activities online for students across Israel, Grades 1-8
  • Educational Outreach: Extending education to displaced populations and evacuees to ensure that all children have access to learning opportunities and essential technology
  • Staff and student support: Providing support for staff and students who have been directly affected and need financial support, food and other necessities
  • Transportation: Funding for school buses or transportation allowances if further relocation of staff and students from conflict-hit areas is needed
  • Teacher Training: Providing professional development for teachers so they can offer psychological assistance to children
  • Safety Measures: Installing security measures at Kfar Silver, including guards, safe rooms, fences, alarms and surveillance systems to help protect students and staff from potential dangers, as well as additional staff security training, guards and security measures at other World ORT Kadima Mada projects