In Sympathy with ORT Supporters in Florida and ORT in Cuba

Our wishes for the well-being of all those affected by Hurricane Irma

We think of all those connected to ORT in Florida and Cuba, where the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma has been severe.  Battering forces of nature affected both coasts of Florida, where we have about thirty chapters of dedicated ORTists determined to make a difference for ORT. In Cuba, the storm smashed the island over Shabbat, with considerable damage to buildings and communications and flooding in the capital, Havana.  “Food and medications are scarce and people are waiting for materials to fix their houses,” said ORT Cuba national director William Miller, who added, “The best way to help is by coming to visit Cuba and bringing with medicines, donations and supplies.” Read more about ORT in Cuba and the aftermath of Irma on Facebook. 

We wish everyone greatly improved conditions and a speedy return to normal.