In Israel, Practical Automotive Engineering Drives Students Into the Future


AutomotiveOz is a student in Kadoorie Technological College, specializing in automotive systems. Passionate about cars and his program, he wants to learn the maximum. Oz speaks highly of the teachers and general manager of the college, Omer. “The instructors explain all the parts of a car so well, and the equipment enables great learning, which is all thanks to the ORT Kadima Mada partnership.” Oz appreciates the resources. “I like the lessons and the workshop that replicates a real garage, including the new car we can work on. We also learn calculations, where the details are well explained.”

Oz is serious about his studies and discusses what he plans to do during the summer. “First I’ll obtain my practical engineer diploma. Then I’ll go to Germany with a team of twelve students to study automotive subjects, after which I’ll receive a certificate from the European Union for a certain car specialty.”

According to Oz, the nurturing culture of the college includes “teachers who boost you up,” bolstering the self-confidence of the students. Oz relates that prior to embarking on this training path, he was not a particularly studious individual, but Omer encouraged him to learn and gave him a lot of support to advance. “This college gave me self-worth,” Omer says. “If I didn’t have to go into the army, I would love to stay here for ten years!