Working for a big company like Intel is my dream, and thanks to World ORT Kadima Mada, I am so excited that I actually get to live my dream.

I study Mechatronics at Beer Sheva Technological College, which is a major that focuses on mechanical engineering with a special concentration in microelectronics. I am currently in an academic track sponsored by Intel.

I was recruited by Intel to be a part of this program when I was serving in the IDF. A select number of soldiers have this opportunity to study in the Intel microelectronics track Beer Sheva Technological College. I am now in the top tier of academics at my school. I love what I learn here and I am excited about the opportunity to design mircochips at Intel when I graduate.

In my concentration, we have the best teachers who are committed to helping us excel. Many of the teachers come from Intel and they help us by sharing their expertise.

Since high school, I knew that I wanted to pursue a higher degree in physics and microelectronics. I love studying physics. Understanding the world around us blows my mind. From looking at something basic like the chair we sit in and understanding how it functions through forces of energy, to exploring Newton’s laws, it amazes me to understand the dynamics of how things work.

As far as my own challenges, I learned the most about myself when I served in the IDF. I was far from home, in a brand new environment and I was outside of my comfort zone every day. From that experience, I realized I was stronger than I initially thought. It taught me I could do anything I wanted in life.

I study and attend class during the day, but I also work as a tutor for other students who are struggling academically. I learned that helping others helps me feel better and learn better in my own academic environment. I try to give my students some perspective and encourage them to look at things from a new angle. I tell them they can do this, they can work outside of their comfort zone and anything is possible—just like it has been for me.

Students 500X500 Noam BS 3