I found the place where I want to be and the school that will help me become an architect.

I am from Tel Sheva, a small Bedouin village near Beer Sheva. When I finished high school, I decided I wanted to study architecture and interior design. Beer Sheva Technological College had the best course work to offer students in this field. I love the people here—the students are warm and friendly and the teachers always want to help.

The biggest challenge I have had to overcome to get to this point was to strike the right balance between education and working. I have to support myself financially. In order to make it possible for me to study here, I teach high school mathematics during the day in a classroom setting, and give private lessons in the afternoons. The best advice I give my students and something I share with girls from my village is to make sure they continue their education. Don’t rush to enter the work force after high school. Instead, invest in yourself. Find a way to go to college and get your degree. Higher education is critical to success in life.

I am grateful for every aspect of my education. I found the place where I want to be, and the school that will help me become what I want to be. Since childhood, I was always interested in reading about architecture because it connects the past with the present. It plays a very important role in people’s lives, and I want to be a part of that. I want to build skyscrapers in Israel and all over the world.

My family is so proud of me. They have always emphasized the importance of education for me and for my five sisters. There has been a shift in Bedouin society in terms of prioritizing higher education for women. Many Bedouin women now study at the university level. My sisters also studied at Beer Sheva Technological College, and work as engineers and in the field of computer science.

I am proud of myself as well. I realized that I can do it all—I can work and balance my studies. I can get good grades. With these educational opportunities, I can ultimately become an architect.

500X500 Huda BS 2