Hodayot Students Inspired to Persevere

Teens Commemorate Fallen Israeli Hero

Last month, twenty 11th and 12th graders from Hodayot youth village and students from other schools participated in the 22nd annual Nature and Orienteering Day in the Ben-Shemen forest in the Judean plain, held in memory of Lt. Yoav Harshoshanim, who was killed in Lebanon by Hezbollah terrorists in 1994.  Orienteering refers to the use of map and compass to find one’s way through unfamiliar territory, requiring stamina and keen navigational skills. This popular sports event included competitive and popular orienteering routes with explanations about nature, military heritage, Jewish traditions and the land of Israel.

Ogenya, a Hodayot 11th grader who participated, said, “This event combined the ability to navigate with running qualities and it was great fun,” while her classmate Michael reported, “There was a special atmosphere due to the many military participants. I definitely intend to participate next year.”

The students learned about Yoav’s life and his heroic combat actions.  While on leave, Yoav visited the soldiers he commanded in Lebanon, and volunteered to take the place of a sick soldier on a mission. As Hezbollah terrorists fired at the soldiers, Yoav made sure the injured were given aid and while leading the platoon charging the terrorists, he was shot by a sniper.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-20 at 10.26.29 (1) - Orienteering DayThe school in Hodayot is part of the World ORT Kadima Mada educational network, which emphasizes the importance of Jewish values in addition to academic achievement. Orienteering Day was a multi-dimensional enrichment experience for students in exemplary Israeli style.