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“In my physics course at YOUniversity, I learned about gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy. You will not see a teacher at school doing these demonstrations; I learn things in an experiential way at YOUniversity.”

Yakir Oren, 14, is in his fourth year at the World ORT Kadima Mada YOUniversity after-school program in Nahariya, where he takes courses in physics, robotics, and the development of apps. YOUniversity gives Yakir an edge in his regular school classes. “At school we study things I’ve already learned at YOUniversity, which helps me.  Whenever I had a school exam in physics, I was able to apply the related material that I learned at YOUniversity.  There were lessons in the YOUniversity physics course about combustion and material properties, where one could see the different processes. These are things you do not get to see at school.”

Yakir is ambitious and attributes the direction he would like to pursue to his YOUniversity experience.

“I would like to major in a technological study track, focused on computers, physics and biology because YOU-niversity gave the drive for these subjects. I also like the writing a code, which I learned in the app development course. YOUnivesity not only taught me software development and how to write code, but also encouraged study of these subjects, which is also important.  I learn things there that really interest me – this is the best thing in the world! And in the future I would like to become an instructor.”

Giving today will help ORT teens around the world shape a fulfilling future.