From School to Software: An ORT Formula for Success


A graduate of the ORT de Gunzburg School in St. Petersburg, Russia, Irina is a financial manager for a software company, where she is responsible for communications with customers and partners in the UK and Ireland, transaction management and channel development. Irina attributes her success to the de Gunzburg School.

“At school I did very well in a range of subjects, but English was always my priority. I gained fundamental knowledge that helped me, and thanks to it, I have been working at a large international company for five years,” Irina reports.  She is grateful to her teachers at de Gunzburg.  “I believe the teachers are the most valuable part of the school. They set an example for me and my classmates throughout our school years.”

Irina credits her experience at de Gunzburg with helping shape her future.  “It was the best time of my life. The school taught us what friendship is and how to keep it going. I met students from other ORT schools and we participated in different projects in Ukraine, Belarus and the UK. I visited Israel for the first time. Through ORT projects and ORT support I became the person I am now.”

World ORT programs in the former Soviet Union enrich individuals of all ages in myriad ways. Your contribution can help more students reach their potential and lead fulfilling lives, and we appreciate your support.


Kadima Mada Students in Israel Celebrate Space Day
On January 29, students participated in Space Day festivities at the World ORT Kadima Mada YOUniversity after-school center in Nahariya.  Space Day commemorates the annual Israeli Space Week named after the astronaut Ilan Ramon, sponsored by the Israel ministry of science and technology and the Israel space agency.

Over 1,000 people participated in the day-long event designed for children and youth ages 5-14, where they watched planets using advanced telescopes and an inflatable planetarium, created a model space shuttle, and produced space-resistance structures and galaxy mobiles. The mayor of Nahariya attended, as did Peretz Vazan, the general director of the ministry of science, and other notables.  The YOUniversity after-school program enables students in under-resourced peripheral areas of Israel to advance in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in interactive, fun and creative ways that supplement their regular academic studies, and the students enjoy it immensely.