Happy Father's Day

On Father’s Day and every day, we celebrate the inspirational fathers whose commitment to ORT connects generations.

Compassion. Strength. Love. As fathers, sons, and steadfast ORTists, Howard Lanznar and his son Jonathan embody all of these traits and more. Currently serving as ORT America Executive Committee Chair, Howard’s ORT story began more than 25 years ago through his wife Gail, whose leadership and dedication wove ORT into the fabric of their family life in Chicago.

From joining the Highcrest Chapter Book Club to traveling the world to visit ORT’s schools and programs, Howard describes his family’s involvement with ORT as especially meaningful. For Howard, ORT means empowerment through education. The importance of education and giving back are values that Howard has imparted to his children Jonathan and Marcus, and those he hopes to instill in his grandchildren, Cooper and Oliver.

The notion of giving back continues to resonate with Jonathan, whose involvement with ORT has been instrumental. Some of Jonathan’s fondest memories are of volunteering with his mom at the Book Club and the ORT Resale Shop. As an adult, Jonathan has played an integral role in the formation of ORT America, where he leveraged his marketing expertise to present new branding at the 2009 Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

For Jonathan, ORT is defined by both its enduring legacy and its continued investment in the future. Looking ahead, Jonathan would like for his son Cooper to embrace ORT’s discerning ability to evolve. His advice to Cooper: Never be stagnant. Follow ORT’s lead—adapt to changing needs, evolve, and thrive.

Happy Father’s Day to all of our ORTists! From generation to generation, together we are achieving impact through education.