Dan Green Meets Ukrainian Students at Kfar Silver

Dan Green, World ORT Director General and CEO, visited our Kfar Silver Youth Village in Israel earlier this week to meet Ukrainian students who have settled at the village after leaving their home country. He spent time hearing their experiences of escaping from the conflict and about their journey to Israel. Around 25 Ukrainian students – all aged 15 to 17 – have now moved to Kfar Silver, with many more expected in the coming weeks. At the village they will be able to continue their education and receive special services including sessions to help them cope with the trauma of the past month.

They will join other Ukrainians who live at the village as part of the Na’ale program which brings students to Israel from Eastern European countries and around the world. Dan said,“It was very moving to hear first-hand about the students’ experiences. Understandably they were very emotional discussing what they have been through. Many have left their parents and friends in Ukraine and although they are in contact they are of course very worried.”

“The healing process will take time. They are settling in well at Kfar Silver but most do not speak Hebrew. They are bonding by doing activities together, including a trip to see Israel’s national football team play Romania.”

“To help with their absorption Kfar Silver has hired a Ukrainian who made aliyah seven years ago – she is supporting and counseling the teenagers. We will ensure they receive all the help they need here at Kfar Silver.”

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Dan Green talks to Ukrainian students are Kfar Silver

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