Who We Are

Jewish education through STEMSince 1880, ORT is the only global Jewish educational network that provides students with a premier education that prepares them for advancement and life-long success. For more than 140 years, ORT has offered access to educational programs in under-resourced communities; today, ORT also serves as a foundational Jewish institution in diaspora Jewish communities around the world.

Originally focusing on teaching 19th century Russian Jews essential trades and professions, ORT has evolved to provide 21st century technology that empowers individuals and strengthens communities and Jewish life worldwide.

The ORT network has a presence in schools, universities, and vocational training programs in more than 40 countries.

  • Throughout the former Soviet Union, Europe, Latin America, and beyond, ORT schools support thousands of educators who teach core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) subjects and facilitate Jewish experiences so that students and families can participate in a vibrant Jewish life. In these communities, small and large, we ensure that Jewish traditions continue to thrive.
  • In Israel, where our efforts focus on communities in the geographic and economic periphery, young people from low-income backgrounds benefit from ORT’s high-level STEM education and a variety of after-school programs that introduce them to new subjects such as robotics and cybersecurity. ORT impacts more than just classroom education; it also provides students with vital emotional support, private tutoring, and a place where they gain confidence in themselves so they can explore all the possibilities for their future. Without ORT, many of these children could not succeed.
  • In South Africa, Cuba, Greece and Ghana, ORT’s International Cooperation projects serve struggling communities, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, by providing skills training and resources that lead to social mobility and economic security.

ORT continually assesses its programs to be relevant in whatever the current environment is in a particular geographic region. Evolving educational methodologies and technological advances are also essential components of ORT programs. By being nimble, ORT remains at the forefront of education that prepares people to lead successful, meaningful lives.

ORT America is a non-profit organization consisting of thousands of people throughout the United States who share a common, binding interest in supporting ORT, Israel and the Jewish people. Based in New York City, ORT America has a presence in 8 regions across the country.

We bridge the gap between ability and opportunity by providing leading science and technology education.

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