A YOUniversity Physics Course Gives a Student an Edge in Learning

This after-school program provides appealing ways for youth to increase their knowledge

A ninth grader, Joshua, 14, is a resident of Ma’alot Tarshiha in the northern part of Israel near the border with Lebanon.  This is his second year participating in the YOUniversity after-school program in Nahariya, about eleven miles away. YOUniversity Centers of Excellence, run by World ORT Kadima Mada, provide dynamic educational courses for youth in peripheral areas of Israel where there are fewer educational resources than in the more populated central areas.

Joshua goes twice a week for two courses: The Art of the Machine, and Physics – Rockets & Missiles. He began the physics course in seventh grade, explaining, “I knew nothing about physics. I thought at first that the course will be similar to a regular class, but we have a lot of fun and we learn interesting things – I love it and have gained quite a lot of useful knowledge.”

Joshua describes some of the projects the students worked on. “Last year we learned how to burn things without actually lighting a fire; that was a little tricky! Another great thing we did was make a bow and arrows using a wooden skewer; that was how we learned about aerodynamics.”  Joshua is studying aerodynamics at school and says, “Thanks to this physics course, I understand the theoretical material of aerodynamics much better.”  Next year Joshua will start high school. He would like to study advanced English, mathematics, and science. “I also like history, but these are my priority,” he says.