A World of Photography Opens to an ORT de Gunzburg Student

Adele, a 10th grader at the de Gunzburg School in St. Petersburg, is a talented young photographer of street scenes.  She has been a student at de Gunzburg since 5th grade, when her parents chose the school because of its quality programs and the fact many of its graduates continue on to university. When she graduates, Adele plans to continue her education at St. Petersburg University toward a career in graphic design.

Adele, a 10th grader at the de Gunzburg School.

“I think about the Jewish activities we’ve had – the celebration of Shabbat and Jewish holidays, outdoor weekends with our parents – and I’m really grateful to ORT for supporting our school and for its role in my life,” Adele reflects.

Two years ago Adele participated in the photography course at ORT summer school in Bulgaria. Her first experience participating in an international program, Adele showed her photos to other young photographers, studied with an expert, and created informational materials about the trip to display in her portfolio.  It was a meaningful time for her.  “In Bulgaria I was really proud to be part of ORT.  I made new friends from different cities and countries, whom I continue to communicate with.”


Thoughts on Building Career Success from an ORT Alum

Anya graduated from ORT de Gunzburg School in 2001.  “Students from our class have been very successful.  We can say that our success is directly related to our education with ORT support over the years. We are building careers in Russia, the U.S., Israel, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK – not only in computer technologies and in foreign languages, but other fields as well.  Our teachers taught us how to achieve our goals purposefully, be successful in different situations and go through life with honesty and morality.  I would be happy to send my children to the de Gunzburg School.”

Anya Blokhina and ORT de Gunzburg Principal Boris Notkin

Students at de Gunzburg are on a path to achievement.  With your help, ORT can continue its valuable programs in the de Gunzburg School.