A New School Added to World ORT Kadima Mada Educational Network

Ulpana Bikat HaYarden serves girls in grades 9-12

Ulpana Bikat HaYarden is a religious school in Israel established two years ago, serving 95 teenage girls in the Jordan Valley.  Now a member of the World ORT Kadima Mada (WOKM) educational network, the director of the facility, Itai Fedor, said, “We have three pillars:  Live Torah, Speak Education, ‘Do Zionism’ – and we see ourselves as part of another process, the construction and settlement of the Jordan Valley.”

 The number of religious families in the area has increased, along with the need for schools. “About three years ago, a few mothers got together to cultivate an ulpana in the valley, as they did not want their daughters to study far away from home.  They applied to the Ministry of Education for permits to open the ulpana, then I was appointed the headmaster,” Itai relates. The school began with 27 girls; presently there are 95 students and 20 teachers who will now benefit from WOKM management.

Itai explains the three main aspects. “’Live Torah’ – We educate to love the Torah from a personal inner place, motivating the girls to a Torah life. We ‘speak education’ on two levels:  Creating an atmosphere in which the girls feel confident to take their own power into practice, and training them to develop a learning personality for all subjects.  For ‘do Zionism’, the girls are socially involved and take an active part in the community.  We have a very strong relationship with the Hamra community, although a non-religious moshav, and we connect nicely with settlements in the valley, and participate in joint events with other schools, such as trips and ceremonies.”  The WOKM affiliation increases the prestige of Ulpana Bikat HaYarden and will provide it with resources to achieve its goals, including enhancing the academic aspects of the curriculum and reaching 300 students within the next five years.