Impact Through Education
Reaching 200,000 people in five continents, we’re building a better world through education.

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ORT is a global education network driven by Jewish values

For more than 140 years, ORT has offered access to educational programs in under-resourced communities; today, ORT also serves as a foundational Jewish institution in diaspora Jewish communities around the world.

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We are looking forward with confidence and determination to what comes next with our inspiring theme, FACE THE FUTURE.

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As we prepare for another year of great challenges, Dr. Moshe Leiba believes we are presented with opportunities.

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ORT America’s National Leadership CohORT Program is an exclusive leadership development, learning and mentoring opportunity for the organization’s future leaders. 

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A group of ORT students from Ukraine will travel to China next week to take part in an international...

ORT's annual program aimed at nurturing the next generation of leaders across our educational network has kicked off with...