As a key segment for ORT America, the Atlanta region is made up of a diverse group of young Jewish professionals, business people and retirees in the southeast who stand behind the ORT mission of helping to fund ORT schools and programs where underprivileged students get crucial education and training.

Founded in 1970 by Rabbi Harry H. Epstein, ORT Atlanta grew from one local chapter to an entire region.  Over the years, ORT Atlanta has distinguished itself by working with Atlanta Jewish day schools to provide computer education guidance; the region created an international ORT student exchange program between the Davis Academy (a reform day school), ORT Argentina & World ORT Kadima Mada in Israel; it started the Honey from the Heart fundraiser for Rosh Hashanah going 26 years strong, in which tens of thousands of jars of honey are sent within the U.S. and abroad as High Holiday gifts; it organized an on-line auction, ORTBuy, that in its 5th year has raised more than $50,000; and it adopted Hodayot youth village in Israel, raising funds for capital upgrades and renovations of the village school, which changed the lives of students and teachers.

“I’ve been an ORTist since 1988 and it’s been a privilege to work with so many dedicated volunteers in Atlanta to raise funds for needy students throughout the world.  ORT’s commitment to improving the lives of young people through training for better jobs is inspiring and fulfilling.  My recent visit to an ORT school confirmed that the ORT focus on technical training reflects the global needs of the 21st century. With emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), we prepare future generations to meet the competitive challenges of the workplace, while equipping them with skills to become productive members of society.”

Gail Reid


Click video to see how ORT is changing education for life.

ORT Atlanta News

Solicitations for items to be listed in our 2016 ORTBuy Online Auction in November are currently underway!  For more information on how you can donate an item or be involved with ORTBuy committee, click here.

ORT Atlanta is proud to continue raising funds for our recently adopted Hodayot Youth Village in the Lower Galilee region!  The Hodayot school is often seen as the “last bus stop” for many poor, at-risk teens from immigrant families in Israel.  ORT Atlanta is honored to give these teens a chance for a better future.  For more information on Hodayot and how you can help, click here.

Honey from the Heart
The 2016 Honey from the Heart fundraiser will soon be open for Rosh Hashanah orders.  Each year, we ship thousands of jars of Kosher honey around the states and worldwide! For more info on Honey from the Heart and how to participate in this year’s event, click here.

ORT Atlanta Women’s Seder
Each year before Pesach, the women of ORT Atlanta get together to revisit the story of exodus and recount the tale of the haggadah with a twist.  Do you love the idea of not being in charge of all the cooking and all the preparations? What about tasting wonderful foods from different family traditions and receiving all the great recipe ideas?  This event allows you to enjoy visiting and sharing feminine rituals with interesting women of all ages. The annual ORT Women’s Seder is a tradition not to be missed.  For a list of the recipes from the 2016 event, click here.

ORT Atlanta Book Club
Every other month, our book club gets together at The Diner at North Point to eat dinner and discuss a recently published novel that has made its mark in the world of literature.  Come join us and share your passion for reading with ORT Atlanta. For details on recently read books, click here.

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